This Bed & Breakfast features a fully equipped kitchen, free wifi, private patio and in-room robes.


Other benefits include:

   • Covered parking

   • 32” flat screen TV

   • Queen size bed

   • Complimentary continental or full breakfast

   • No minimum stay

The Carriage House at Antique Rose Ville is a lovely 800 square

foot Bed & Breakfast, perfect for a simple quiet weekend or a relaxing conclusion from a long evening of party or wedding activities. This quaint Bed & Breakfast is located on the four-acre grounds and gardens giving you full access to the beauty and tranquility they provide.


The lavish gardens flowing throughout the property feature over 100 antique roses, beautiful perennials and exotic tropical vegetation.  Strolling out to the fountain and large southern gazebo sitting under the majestic oak you will find an ideal setting for a day of reflection and recuperation.

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